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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Rich wrote, recorded and performed this song with his wife Angela singing harmony in his home studio a few months before he died. She is grateful he left his voice behind, and this song helps her keep his memory alive.

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In May 2013, I wrote this about my healing journey with regard to regaining lost memories.

I Feel You In My Memory Now

You were my best friend, and there's someone missing now.
But I don't recall who.

I feel your fingers interlaced in mine.
This must be how we held hands.

I sleep with a body pillow on my right side.
This must be where you laid.

I pulled this pillow on top of my chest,
and briefly felt your goatee irritate my breast.
This must be how I held you in my arms.

I still see 6:13 on the clock all the time,
but I can't recall why this was your lucky number.

You still talk to me through music, as you always have.
But the songs are no longer in your voice.

Angela Leigh Tucker survived a car crash in 2008 that killed her young husband Rich. She sustained a traumatic brain injury, and has been growing, learning and healing ever since.

*Me Now - Who Next* is a book written by Bill Ramsey about Angela Leigh Tucker's recovery from a traumatic brain injury she sustained in 2008.