Prosperity Report

Each week, without fail, I am moved by the prosperity reports that are offered during the 4T Prosperity class, which I’m taking for the sixth time. Some are extraordinary manifestations, while others are rather small, sweet, yet significant moments of realization. While working on our very first assignment of affirming our prosperity 200 times daily, we are invited to reconsider our lives. We begin to see how richly filled with blessings our current lives are. The smiles of our grandchildren, or from a stranger on the train platform.

One of my 4T goals from a past class was to become an advocate for Brain Injury Awareness. As the current chairwoman of the New York City chapter of the Brain Injury Association of New York state, I attended the first annual Disability Pride Parade this past Sunday, July 12th. 15 chapter members & I proudly marched with our invisible disabilities. The chapter’s assigned assembly spot happened to be the southeast corner of 26th Street and Madison Avenue, directly in front of the building where I worked for eight years prior to the traumatic brain injury that resulted from the car crash I was in seven years ago this month. It was like coming full circle. As the saying goes, “you can’t make this stuff up!”

While the financial abundance that continues to show up in my life is a truly great thing, it’s the awareness of the constant flow of daily blessings that continually grabs my attention. What I used to believe was synchronicity is what I now firmly know as the Law of Cause and Effect at work in my life. Working the principles taught in Unity and the 4T classes with Reverend Britt Hall has changed my life forever. As we continue to know in 4Ts, “I AM PROSPEROUS.” In great anticipation of each new moment, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Posted in Blog on July 17, 2015.

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